Viral Media Marketing

With the vast popularity of social media networks, smart marketers see this as an opportunity to use it to their absolute advantage. The need to steadily seek innovative ways to advertise and put their businesses in best light is what birthed the idea of viral marketing.

Viral Marketing and how it works
The idea behind viral marketing is to inspire people to do the campaign for you. Short, attention-grabbing contents that resonate with your audience is enough to deliver the magic. You need to do everything possible to make sure the content of the campaign should have a double dose of creativity and ease of sharing across social networks. Most of all, your audience must be able to get the clear picture of the message that you’re trying to paint, without misinterpreting or misunderstanding it.

As far as viral marketing is concerned, the ease of sharing and spreading ads is the backbone of this marketing strategy. And this boils down to having a huge fanbase on social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

Spread your ads like a virus
At SBS Print, we got you covered. Our viral marketers are not ordinary digital marketers who simply manage social media profiles. They’re a bunch of creative content writers, talented graphic designers and sales driven marketers who would stop at nothing until your brand goes viral. Our team of viral marketers have a keen eye for creativity and team co-ordination. They pay attention to every detail while helping you set up a surefire plan to make your brand go viral.

Now, you don’t have to worry a bit getting massive visibility for your business, products or services. Our job is to help you boost your sales and you can trust that we will bring all our expertise to the table. At SBS Print, we have only one mission: to put our expertise together and make your business objective easier to achieve. By that, we mean we are going to help you make sales and we’re really serious about it. Get in touch with us today and let’s expose your business to the world.



  • Helpful in promoting your business and generating revenues
  • Provides wide visibility to your brand or business
  • Redirects huge traffic from the portals to your main website

Unique Service Features

  • Strategic keywords and content approval before publishing
  • Automated tracking and analysis of followers, impressions, engagement, page views, and clicks

Work Process


Identify the portals and types of contents relevant to your brand.


Submit your finalised contents / messages to us.


We proceed with publishing the approved contents to engage with your audience.


We send you an analysis report on the behavioural patterns of your visitors.

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