Video Production

Content is king. It forms the basis on which a brand is built. At the same time, content acts as a driving force that amplifies your brand, delivering the truth that is wrapped up in your message and endearing your customers to love your business more.

In the world of digital marketing, the idea of content is not only restricted to written texts. It also includes image, graphic motions and video. However, people find it easier to watch, listen and understand to the message of the video.

Corporate Video Production Malaysia
Compelling visual contents are fast becoming more relevant in Malaysia. It plays an important role in branding because it is very effective in driving leads, conversion and leads. Smart marketers are even harnessing the powers of corporate video production for SEO applications. SBS Print Malaysia specializes in creating video storytelling for corporate and personal brands.

At SBS Print, we produce some of the most creative videos eyes have ever seen. From concept development to production and post production, we do it all. All our videos can be customized and studio edited to meet world-class quality and high definition standards.


  • Helps viewers relate better to your product, service and business
  • Increases viewers’ engagement, expanding reach
  • Builds brand visibility

Unique Service Features

  • Easily accessible through social media, viral portals, and websites
  • Widely watched and circulated among affiliated networks
  • Automated tracking and analysis of reach, views, and engagement

Our Expertise
Our primary aim is to help you broadcast your brand story in the most effective way. We are committed to investing time and resources towards expanding the scope of our video production solutions. The core of our professional services includes:
• Custom Video Productions for Marketing purposes
• High-converting videos for landing page or website optimization
• Promotional Videos or Video Commercials
• Animation or Motion Graphic Video
• How-to Videos or Training Videos

If content is king, then we are the kingmakers
Creating compelling video contents that blow peoples’ mind is what we love to do. The videos that we create at SBS Print are not only creative, high def quality, and appealing. They are destined to engage and resonate with your viewers, while communication every detail that matter. We make videos that capture the essence of your brand, irrespective of your industry.

When it comes to quality video production, SBS Print provides 360-degree solutions for different kind of applications. Whether you need videography services for your seminar, conference, birthday parties, book launch, product launch, corporate events and lots more.

We can also help you make high quality videos for landing pages, YouTube marketing and SEO applications.

Have any special event coming up? Need help with video production projects? Your exhaustive search ends right here. If you’re interested in booking our services for video productions anywhere in Malaysia, get in touch with us. Give us a call or shoot us an email today and let’s be your partner of choice.

Work Process


Submit your finalised concept and contents for us to create a storyboard.


We proceed with producing the approved contents.


We render the video to the appropriate format for easy sharing.


We identify the digital platforms to publish your video, and send you an analysis report on the behavioural patterns of your visitors.

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