SMS Marketing

In a country of over 30 million people, Malaysia has a solid reputation when it comes to access to smart phones and telecommunication networks generally. Smart business owners or entrepreneurs who are looking to take advantage of this statistics to market their products and services are bent on choosing the most cost-effective marketing solution – bulk SMS marketing.

Bulk SMS marketing is not only cost-effective and sustainable, it is perfect for increasing revenue and building customer loyalty through engagement. Here are some of the unique benefits of bulk SMS marketing for your Malaysian business.



  • Able to reach active audiences that are receptive to industry
  • Immediate sharing of promotions and offers

Unique Service Features

  • SMS updates upon delivery
  • SMS reports on reception and feedback
  • Scheduled messages for birthdays and anniversaries

Highly Functional
The reason why bulk SMS solution is called SMS marketing is because you can easily leverage it to reach out to hundreds or even thousands of people without breaking a sweat. Provided your audiences have opted in for your SMS list, they will be able to receive promotional text messages, new product updates or any info you wish to pass across.

Big and small businesses in Malaysia can maximize SMS marketing solutions to engage their loyal customers with valuable information. Despite the fact that bulk SMS marketing is mostly a one-way means of communication, it goes a long way in informing subscribers of promos, latest offers and lots more. You can even choose to get a feedback from your recipients.

Customizable and Flexible
If you are looking for a cheap, flexible means of putting your message out there, you should consider SMS marketing. It is the perfect choice. Not only are you able to tailor, adapt or finetune it to suit any type of broadcast, but it is also flexible. You can choose to send out messages at any time of the day.

Super-fast and Rapid
The best part is that a significant percentage of the message is usually read within a few minutes, making it faster than email marketing that would require internet connection.

Easy to Understand
People find it quite easy to understand the message because it is usually straight to the point. Unlike email marketing, SMS only contains a few words that drives home the point. This makes it a favorable option for marketers to pitch their potential customers and start getting results.

SMS Marketing Solutions in Malaysia
Need help maximizing bulk SMS marketing in Malaysia? SBS Print is a reliable agency you can trust. At SBS Print, we provide 360-degree SMS marketing solutions for your business or personal needs. You can take advantage of our SMS marketing platform to run sweepstakes, send coupons, broadcasts and boost sales. With SBS Print, the options are limitless. Get in touch with us today and let’s help you figure out an efficient SMS marketing package that works perfectly with your needs.

Work Process


Submit your finalised contents / messages to us.


We send your series of marketing SMS to your targeted audience based on agreed schedule.

Schedule & Manage

We schedule and manage follow-up messages and responses for you.


We send you a report on tabulated responses of your target audience and engagement rate of your reviews.

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SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a very popular communications tool. Mobile subscribers have grown tremendously throughout the years, thus encouraging more users in using SMS services. SMS usage is exploited in various industries, from telecommunication, entertainment, marketing, advertising to government institutions. SMS is cheap, fast and simple. Businesses will be able to have the convenience of SMS to inform clients about events, promotions, latest updates, reminders and etc. SMS Marketing Self-Service is increasing used for marketing activities.
SMS Marketing Self-Service account includes:
Send SMS directly from browser (Internet Explorer)
Capacity of sending high volume of SMS traffic
Access to detailed statistics, reports, online monitoring
Unlimited number of contacts
Personalized phonebook and groups contact
Address importing
SMS Scheduler/Alerts
Secured server logon by personal username and password
Extensive support for CRM/Database integration
Worldwide SMS coverage
Unique Sender ID Branding: Company name or Product name can be included as the Sender ID of the SM
Fast Delivery: SMS Marketing Self-Service server has the capability of supporting high capacity rate for SMS traffic
Save Money & Time: Our rates are competitive and can help you save money
Higher Level of Reach: With direct connections to mobile networks, we can deliver text SMS to almost all
GSM mobile phone networks around the world
Delivery Reports: Each message is tracked. SMS Marketing Self-Service offers delivery notifications and confirmations of SMS sent to mobile phones
Personal & Discreet: One SMS = one recipient
SMS messages are sent to individual mobile handsets where it is personal and aimed at that specific individual, allowing for compelling one-to-one communications. SMS is different from other kinds of mass media, in that it is direct and private
Worldwide Coverage: With SMS Marketing Self-Service, you will not be restricted to send SMS locally, rather you can send local as well as international at ONE rate! We have coverage to 365 networks worldwide