Influencer Marketing

The world evolves around innovation and creativity. Often times, the human mind tends to be blown away when little things are done in creative ways. And this psychology of the human mind is somewhat related to our buying decisions. Influencer marketing brings an entirely different approach to marketing.
In a world where information is key to deciding peoples’ buying decision, many people don’t like to be advertised to, not anymore. A close look at some traditional forms of marketing reveal that it is losing its credibility.

What does Influencer Marketing really mean?
Influencer marketing is a powerful strategy that sells a brand’s products and services through a platform – not really in a salesy manner. By influencing the opinions of others or getting them to do something differently, you create awareness for your brand. Simply put, it is a technique where an influencer recommends your products or mentions your brand.

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that you should include in your social media marketing strategy if you want to sell your brand in the online community. It is the perfect technique for business owners who are looking to gain visibility, increase leads for sales funnel and boost brand awareness simultaneously.

The reason why you’re probably not bagging in sales is that your audience are sick and tired of the boring, traditional methods of advertising. You need to invest in modern, effective means of marketing your products.



  • Targets niche markets and followers of influencers
  • Increases brand awareness, online reputation, and conversion rate

Unique Service Features

  • Tailor-made post, article, advertisement, or post preview and approval before publishing
  • Automated tracking and analysis of followers, impressions, engagement, page views, and clicks

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

When you leverage influencer marketing, you build trust, relationships and credibility faster with people.

Complements your content strategy
Influencer marketing can be a lifesaver when you run out of fresh ideas, enriching your content strategy.

Highly effective
When it comes to reaching out to a readily available audience, influencer marketing goes a long way in finding and convincing your audience.

Professional Influencer Marketer in Malaysia
When you book the services of SBS Print for influencer marketing, you can be confident knowing you’ve hired a reliable company that combines great expertise with solid reputation to deliver an effective marketing experience. Need help with a thing or two? Talk to our influencer marketers today.

Work Process


Identify and locate social media influencers relevant to your brand.


Submit your finalised contents / messages to us.


We proceed with publishing the approved contents to engage with your audience.


We send you a report on tabulated responses of your target audience and engagement rate of your reviews.

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