Direct Mailing

Direct mailing is an old but golden method of communication with prospects. Despite the massive growth of internet marketing and the population of smartphone users, direct mailing marketing holds a solid reputation for sky-high ROI. It provides a glorious opportunity for marketers or businesses to capture the interest of their targeted audience while getting them informed about latest promos, coupons, products or services updates, and upcoming events.

What makes direct mailing more interesting is the fact that it comes in handy for wide variety of business applications. It is the perfect choice for distributing brochures, newsletters, sales letters, postcards, and many more. There’s no limit to what you can send via this channel, provided the marketing material is hard copy. And there’s no restriction to the distance that your mail can go.

Top business managers in Malaysia already know that direct-mail advertising is efficient and effective. The fact that every home and business have a letter box makes it possible and convenient for brands to reach out to their potential and existing clients.



  • Able to interact with related businesses directly
  • High brand conversion rate

Unique Service Features

  • Highly customised selection of industries
  • Draws ‘live’ databases from relevant authorities

Targeted Mailing
Unlike the location-specific mailing, our targeted direct mailing is designed to deliver to your specific mailboxes. This package is the best option if your prospects belong to a particular class and are not clustered in the same neighborhood or district.

Location Specific Mailing
Perfect choice for covering majority of mail addresses in a neighborhood or district, this package is worth its weight in gold. We do this for businesses who have many prospective clients confined in an area. Let us know your desired area and we’ll handle the rest.

Do-It-Yourself Mailing
As the name implies, it is a custom package for businesses who would like to post their letters by themselves. We handle your post card designing and printing; you take care of the distribution.

Direct Mail Marketing in Malaysia
SBS Print is your go-to agency for direct mail marketing. We specialize in providing full-fledge services that covers designing, printing, stamping, and distribution of mails at the designated addresses of your audience. Our process includes mapping out the areas beforehand and we adhere strictly to all postal rules.

We pride ourselves on the quality of service that we deliver, thanks to our core team. We work with a team of talented designers who have a knack for creating beautiful designs. Our postal are hardworking and would stop at nothing until the mapped mailboxes are filled up.

If you feel your needs can not be met in our packages, feel free to get in touch with us. We are able to provide personalized direct mailing services to your business needs. SBS Print covers different districts in Malaysia so you can be rest assure that your messages would be delivered right.

Work Process

Select Industry & Location

Select industry(ies) and location(s) relevant to your business from our database.


Drop off (or we collect) your printed materials / we print your artwork according to the agreed format, specifications, and quantity.


We deliver your marketing materials to your targeted audience in targeted locations.

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