Advertising Magnets

As competition continues to grow, there is a need for your business to edge out the competitors through customized promotions that generate maximum brand exposure with cost-effectiveness. Magnet advertising fits perfectly into this category. They exist in a different form such as car magnet, fridge magnet.

Promotional magnets are highly dynamic and can be used to advertise any business, whether it is retail or rental, restaurant or real estate, food and clothing, etc.

Also, magnet advertising can be employed to create awareness for events and functions such as birthday party, wedding anniversary, seminar, conferences or product launch.

SBS Print prides ourselves in our ability to get the maximum positive result for your advertising magnet, thanks to our experienced and goal-oriented staffs.

At SBS Print, we will turn empty spaces in homes or offices into advertising spaces, just the way you want it!



  • Makes a great option for gift advertising
  • Constant reminder of your brand

Unique Features

  • Direct delivery to specific locations (within Klang Valley)
  • Customisable shapes and sizes

Why Magnet Advertising?
Promotional magnets have many benefits. Let’s briefly show you a few of the reasons you need SBSprint Magnet Advertising Service for your business.

• Optimum Visibility and Durability
As advertising magnets are placed in strategic positions; for instance on the fridge and on the car, there will be maximum visibility. Unlike customized notes which can get old within a short time, advertising magnets are durable and provide extended usage.

• High Customization
You can use different designs that suit your taste and correctly communicate your brand values. From the shape to the sign, size, and designs, every feature can be customized to create a maximum impression on the targeted audience.

• Ease of Distribution
Most advertising magnets come in small size thereby offering portability which makes the distribution a seamless process. Also, while mailing these items to the recipient, you can be confident to spend less as they lightweight and doesn’t take up too much space. All these attributes make advertising magnet easy to distribute and help save money on logistics.

• Low cost of production and Impression
Advertising magnets are highly affordable. As a small business on a restricted budget, you can leverage promotional magnet without breaking the bank. Also, as advertising magnets are highly visible from the fact that they are placed in strategic places where the maximum number of people will see it, they create an increased number of impressions within their lifespan which can be up to 8 years.

• Laser-target distribution
Business has a different set of people as their right customers, as such, advertising magnets offer pinpoint advertisement to the unique set of people you need as your customer. This helps you to eliminate wastage incurred by getting your advertising campaign in the hands of people that never needed it.
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Work Process


Submit your printed materials to us / your design in source file(s) for checking before printing.


Drop off (or we collect) your printed materials / we print your artwork according to the agreed format, specifications, and quantity.


We distribute your marketing materials to your targeted audience in targeted locations.

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Bunting Printing | Banner Printing | Pocket Tissue Printing There is more to magnets than just sticking them onto refrigerators or as toys for children. The main draw of magnets is the enormous marketing tool that it can presents itself. Advertising magnets can be used in place of placards, stickers, notice boards, banners, outdoor signboards, business cards and a whole range of uses for businesses. They are extremely flexible, durable, portable and they can be customized into almost any shape, size and design. Interested? Want to know more? Give us a call.