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Newspaper Insertion

At SBS, we focus on using the custom-made approach in offering newspaper insertion across Malaysia leveraging different languages and media preferences unique to the Malaysian populations. Newspaper insertion also is known as pamphlet distribution offers a competitive cost compared to patronizing any flagship newspaper company for the same size of the advertisement. We have an extensive network of distribution, and we adopt quality service delivery to ensure precise delivery, cost reduction, and effective time management for your organization.

At SBS, our reliable and credible services newspaper insertion has turned us to the household name in Malaysia giving our customers a higher return-on-investment (RoI), and helping them create awareness for their brands without breaking the bank.


  •  Target gated & guarded communities through newspaper subscription
  •  Reaches audiences with buying power
  •  High impression rate of target audience

Unique Features

  •  Flyer pick-up service before distribution
  •  SMS updates on distribution times and changes
  •  Photo updates during newspaper insertion

Benefits of Newspaper Insertion

Pamphlet distribution boasts several advantages over other forms of advertisement which we have highlighted below;

• Affordability

The newspaper offers the best value for money when compared to the traditional advertisement placement on any large newspaper outlets. Despite bringing a similar outcome, yet it is relatively inexpensive as against numerous other methods.

• Customized Marketing

Another distinct advantage our newspaper insertion service has over the other ad placement method is our ability to make a custom delivery of your pamphlet, flyer or insert as well as a newspaper to a specific area. Also, you can focus on particular demographics such as age or financial status. The moment you provide us with your targeted area unique pin-code, you can trust us to deliver quality. We distribute to any part of Malaysia, and we have shown our credibility over more than a decade of being in operation.

• Room to Experiment

At SBS, we understand that each business has unique objectives, as such, each requires a specific approach. Our newspaper insertion will accord you the opportunity to experiment by combining different methods in a small case. Thus, this will guide against any failure that may result when you finally carry out a mega launch.

• Retained Size and Quality

Despite that our newspaper distribution is cheaper than traditional ad placements; nevertheless, it doesn’t sacrifice the quality and size which presents additional value at no extra charges. Equal size and quality with newspaper can be easily met.

• Wider Reach

For optimum result, you can cover a specific locality in many newspapers thereby enabling you to reach a wider audience a massive cost saving

• Stand Out

Unlike newspaper adverts which can get lost in the crowd, your inserts have a better chance of being noticed as it goes alone and not with the multitude of other adverts.

Our Approach

Firstly, we discuss with you to know your business objective after which we will do the printing as well as your newspaper insertion. Your ad can be of any size according to your goal after which we target your specific locality focusing on the demographic you desire according to the readership.
Also, you will get the proof of delivery from pictures acting as evidence of our activities. However, you can choose to be present on the day of newspaper insertion as we have no reservations against that.

Work Process

Submit your printed materials to us / your design in source file(s) for checking before printing.


Drop off (or we collect) your printed materials / we print your artwork according to the agreed format, specifications, and quantity.


We insert your marketing materials into selected daily newspapers.


We distribute your marketing materials to your targeted audience in targeted locations.

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