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Your ultimate guide to winning back an angry customer

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While angry customers are a regular sight, very few brands actually put in any effort to win these customers back. A lost customer is often seen merely as a lost customer and not as a potential opportunity to rectify your mistakes, get better at customer experience, and show the customer that they are indeed valued. Appeasing an angry customer is obviously hard, difficult, requires patience but not impossible (pissing them off, however, is way easier!).

Sometimes you can get away by just saying a sorry – when the customer has a lot of empathy and luck you – but there will be occasions where the customer is very uncompromising, and this can have severe repercussions especially given the fact that how digitally connected everyone is. Taking a bad customer experience to social media, telling the world about it, would do no favours for your business. Which is why it is important to identify and neutralize these mines (angry customers) in time. And if you do it right, there’s a high chance that they do business with you again. In fact, resolving a complaint in the customer’s favor will ensure that they do business with you again 70% of the time. (Source: Lee Resources).

So, we’ve come up with an infographic that conveys tangible action points on HOW your Business can win back Angry Customers

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