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Inkjet Printing

Gone are the days when people had to wait for long weeks before getting their printed materials delivered to them. Today, advanced offset and inkjet printers have simplified the entire process – for both printing presses and their clients. Best suited for commercial printing needs, offset and inkjet printing is one of the cheapest ways of creating thousands of printed copies within the shortest time possible.

From printing method, paper material, to size and measurements, we always recommend the most suitable solutions for your needs. Our rich experience in the industry allows us to recognise the most effective means to reach your intended audiences, and tailor-make your customer communications with purpose.


  •   Fast and efficient production
  •   Wide selection of materials and sizes

Unique Features

  •   Expert advice on printing options
  •   Print confirmation before execution of job
  •  Direct delivery to specific locations (within Klang Valley)

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printing is designed to help you print fine, smooth and colorful details through higher resolution. With the help of inkjet printers, you can conveniently print wider formats with more suitability for industrial applications like ceramics, textiles, signage and 3 D printing.

Reliable Inkjet and Offset printing facility in Malaysia

When it comes to inkjet and offset printing services in Malaysia, SBS Print is your best bet. Our inkjet and offset printing solutions is second to none. When combined, there’s no limit to what these technologies can print. Ranging from newspapers to business cards, magazines, booklets, banners, envelope, custom materials, you name it. SBS Print will print them all without compromising on quality or delivery deadlines.

At SBS Print, we take every printing project very seriously – no matter the size, quantity or requirement. Our facility is equipped with advanced printing technologies to guarantee high quality printed materials at affordable cost. Coupled with great expertise and professionalism, we pride ourselves on a team of dedicated employees who would go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

Work Process

Submit your design in source file(s) for checking before printing.


We print your artwork according to the agreed format, specifications, and quantity.


We deliver your marketing materials to you or your targeted audience in targeted locations.

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