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Getting customized bunting and banner installed does not only add exceptional value to special events, it is also an impressive way to invite people to your birthday, house party, competition or program. More so, banner and bunting are very cost-effective because hundreds and thousands of passersby get to see your banner or bunting on a daily basis.

However, there is more to bunting and banner installation than ordinarily setting it up. It requires effective planning, the right equipment as well as local advertisement permit to get the job done right.


  •  Effective advertising for crowds on-the-go
  •  Repeat exposure over longer periods of time

Unique Features

  •  Full registration with appropriate authorities
  •  Complete installation and set-up of buntings
  •  Bunting dismantled after license expiry to avoid fines.

Bunting and Banner Installation service in Malaysia

At SBS Print, we start every bunting and banner print, bunting and banner installation project with an in-house brainstorming process. This allows us to think outside the box and strategically plan a creative solution for your desired banner installation needs. We pride ourselves on a team of professionals who know how best to use cutting-edge technologies like cranes, lulls, and articulating man lifts to reach tall heights. We give the best of ourselves to your bunting or banner installation in Malaysia.

What’s more?

In addition to bunting and banner installation, we also specialize in designing, printing, and dismantling all forms of banner without any difficulty. Whether you’re considering roadside banner installation or bunting installation in high traffic locations in Malaysia, SBS Print is the right agency for your needs. All of our services are executed with an ultimate aim to help you gain a wider reach and yield conversion. Get in touch with us today!

Work Process
Apply for License

We apply bunting/banner license from the local municipal authority, for permission for public display. Approval of license is usually between 2-5 working days.


Submit your printed materials to us / your design in source file(s) for checking before printing.


Drop off (or we collect) your printed materials / we print your artwork according to the agreed format, specifications, and quantity.


We install your marketing materials in targeted locations.


We dismantle your exhibits to make sure they are properly handled.

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