Email Marketing

As people turn to digital, the online mailbox has become an even more interactive mailing system. Serving as the main method of formal communication, it connects you to a wide range of audiences at an official level. From updates to sharing new promotions, you can reach both existing and potential customers at a place where they will check daily.



  • Targets large mass markets
  • Low cost for wide exposure

Unique Service Features

  • Email reports on reception
  • Assistance on design and resizing

Work Process


Submit your finalised contents / messages to us.


We send your series of marketing email to your targeted audience based on agreed schedule.

Schedule & Manage

We schedule and manage follow-up messages and responses for you.


We send you a report on tabulated responses of your target audience and engagement rate of your reviews.

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The purposes of email marketing are threefold. It is intended to send promotional emails, send email newsletters and place advertisements in emails sent by other companies. Sending all emails at once to a large mailing list is called Email Blast which is commonly used by marketers in order to send email advertisements or promotions to their list of customers. This new innovation involves direct electronic marketing that can be tracked by capturing open and click rates to see how the campaign is doing. The required criterion to proceed with this is that the used list must be an opt-in email list.
Still unsure if e-marketing is essential for your business? The list below is the eye opener for you:
Global reach: Borders will not impede your business growth today with the help of email marketing. No matter where you are or whom you need to reach, targeted emails pave the way.
Lower cost: Compared to paper-based direct mail, the costs incurred in designing, executing, testing, sending and receiving an email is reduced up to 78% signifying the cutback of time, money and resources.
Interactive: Words alone is not enough for publicising your product. Graphics, videos, music, quiz, games or whatever that will be of interest to your prospect must be knitted together to grab the attention and interest immediately. E-marketing has it all.
Highly personalized: Email allows you to customize and greet every prospect targeted in order to build a special bond with them.
Round the clock marketing: Wherever and whenever! Emails will assist your prospects continuously without fail.
Measurable results: Special tools are provided to measure click-through rate, conversion rate, and how a person one arrived at your website ACCURATELY so as to enable you to gauge the achievement of different email campaigns.
Targeted marketing: E-marketing facilitate you to only reach those who might require your services, solutions or products without bothering those who do not since pre-packaged and custom-built lists are available. The selecting parameters including geography, age, income, spends, and other aspects of your prospects.
Opt-in or unsubscribe options: The presense of opt-in and opt-out options will help you to shortlist your prospects and reach only the ones genuinely interested in your offerings.
9. Faster response : In today’s scenario, immediate respond is needed to maximise profits besides the cumbersomeness faced when replying direct mail. Generally, time to receive responses through e-mail is one to three days, where you will get maximum responses on day on itself, while a direct mail campaign would take minimum 7 to 12 days to generate any responses.
10. Simplest : You don’t have to have any extensive resources in executing an email campaign.
Email marketing is not a spam
Users must know the fact that email marketing is NOT spam since the sender already targeted the recipients (customers, prospective customers, or members) who normally want to hear about their products or services. Furthermore, email marketing will only be performed after you have the permission of the contact of subscribers.
Why use email marketing to promote your business
Looking at the nature lovers’ point of view, Email blast is one of the ways to save our Mother Earth by reducing the papers used. This ‘green’ alternative can literally save tress and help the environment.
Economic pressure keeps growing day after day resulting in the valuation of every dollar spent including the cost for marketing purposes which is a necessity for all businesses.
Email is a powerful sales tool since most of the business prospects spend more time online rather than reading a newspaper/magazine, watching TV or other media. It makes infinite more sense to invest in online marketing today as it is cheaper and precisely hits your prospects.
Time is gold. In this global era, people needs everything to be fast for they treasure every second of life. Thus it is a need for marketing development to run parallel to help delivering the right content to the right prospect at the right time in the selling cycle and continuously achieve high response rates from quality prospects.