Bunting & Banner Installation

With thousands of cars driving pass daily, street buntings and banners repeatedly catch the attention of audiences throughout your marketing campaigns. This allows you to reach drivers along busy roadways and redirect them towards your events or outlets. From printing to permit application, installation and dismantling, we have it all covered as a worry-free marketing solution.



  • Effective advertising for crowds on-the-go
  • Repeat exposure over longer periods of time

Unique Features

  • Full registration with appropriate authorities
  • Complete installation and set-up of buntings
  • Buntings dismantled after license expiry to avoid fines.

Work Process

Apply for License

We apply bunting/banner license from the local municipal authority, for permission for public display. Approval of license is usually between 2-5 working days.


Submit your printed materials to us / your design in source file(s) for checking before printing.


Drop off (or we collect) your printed materials / we print your artwork according to the agreed format, specifications, and quantity.


We install your marketing materials in targeted locations.


We dismantle your exhibits to make sure they are properly handled.

Bunting Printing | Banner Printing | Pocket Tissue Printing
Buntings & Banners are one of the most common products in today’s advertising campaigns. The trend of mass exposure of your advertisement by installing Buntings and Banners at road side, lamp post, junctions, and in front of your shops are growing rapidly. Bunting & Banner has become such a trend that it might eventually replace the traditional light box signage because it is a much more cost effective method in the long term.
Why Bunting, Banner Inkjet Print As Your Preferred Mass Marketing Method?
The answer is Simple! Bunting and Banner is a very LOW COST approach, in fact, among the CHEAPEST but with the HIGHEST possible response and feedbacks to boost up your business sales!
Size: All kind of sizes in bunting, banner, backdrop
Materials: Tarpaulin, Yupo, Synthetic paper, White Sticker, Kovek, F. Cloth
Printed Side: Single Side
Colors (DPI): Full color In 720 dpi, 1200 dpi, 1440 dpi, Silkscreen
Finishing: Gross Laminate, Matt Laminate, UV, PVC Rod, Wood Rod, Wire, Poly Carbonate Board, Hi Impack Board
Processing Day: 3 Working Days
Delivery Day: 1-2 working Days
Accessories: X- Stand, T- Stand, Roll Up Stand, Auto Rotation (scrolling) Stand