SMS Marketing

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SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a very popular communications tool. Mobile subscribers have grown tremendously throughout the years, thus encouraging more users in using SMS services. SMS usage is exploited in various industries, from telecommunication, entertainment, marketing, advertising to government institutions. SMS is cheap, fast and simple. Businesses will be able to have the convenience of SMS to inform clients about events, promotions, latest updates, reminders and etc. SMS Marketing Self-Service is increasing used for marketing activities.

SMS Marketing Self-Service account includes:

  • Send SMS directly from browser (Internet Explorer)
  • Capacity of sending high volume of SMS traffic
  • Access to detailed statistics, reports, online monitoring
  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Personalized phonebook and groups contact
  • Address importing
  • SMS Scheduler/Alerts
  • Secured server logon by personal username and password
  • Extensive support for CRM/Database integration
  • Worldwide SMS coverage

Unique Sender ID Branding

Company name or Product name can be included as the Sender ID of the SM

Fast Delivery

SMS Marketing Self-Service server has the capability of supporting high capacity rate for SMS traffic.

Save Money and Time

Our rates are competitive and can help you save money.

High Level of Reach

With direct connections to mobile networks, we can deliver text SMS to almost all
GSM mobile phone networks around the world.

Delivery Reports

Each message is tracked. SMS Marketing Self-Service offers delivery notifications and confirmations of SMS sent to mobile phones.

Personal and Discreet

One SMS = one recipient
SMS messages are sent to individual mobile handsets where it is personal and aimed at that specific individual, allowing for compelling one-to-one communications. SMS is different from other kinds of mass media, in that it is direct and private.

Worldwide Coverage

With SMS Marketing Self-Service, you will not be restricted to send SMS locally, rather you can send local as well as international at ONE rate! We have coverage to 365 networks worldwide.